Code for Teens: The Awesome Beginner’s Guide to Programming

Learn JavaScript the fun and easy way with Code for Teens!

Software engineering is among the fastest-growing career paths in existence today. Like many parents, you may desire for your children or teenagers to learn these valuable skills, but you probably lack the knowledge, time, and patience required to teach them.


Almost all of the books and courses on the subject of coding–even those directed at children–move at a pace that is much too fast for the average teen or child to follow without additional guidance, explanation, and review from a knowledgeable teacher.

I know this to be true as I have sifted through dozens of books, courses, online tutorials, pdfs, and reviews in my efforts to teach my family of 6 homeschooled children how to code.  I never found any educational materials (until now) that moved continually at a child’s pace the way one would expect from, say, a math textbook.

Error messages are your friends!

This book is written with the goal of teaching young teenagers to code without ANY parent or teacher involvement. Important concepts are introduced gradually with ample review and many drills and small challenges to ensure that the child understands the concept fully before moving on. Beyond that, later chapters routinely review previous concepts to ensure that knowledge is retained long-term. A child or teenager with at least a 6th grade reading level should be able to get all the way through this book and learn JavaScript without any outside help.

Code for Teens is fully illustrated with over 100 pictures–all original artwork by my exceptionally talented wife Christine!


You can do this!

High quality, full-color, glossy pages.

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Quizzes, Key Concepts, Drills, Aggregate Review, and more!

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Humorous writing with code samples and hands-on projects.

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ALL answers to every question and project in the back of the book.

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Questions and Answers

Here are a few of the important considerations to help you see why this book is well designed for your child or teenager.

Q. How does this book deal with the fact that teens don't all learn at the same pace?

A. I have multiple drills, quiz questions, key points, and review sections that ensure that each reader can move at his/her own pace.  In fact, every chapter contains an aggregate review section that reviews the major concepts from every previous chapter!

Q. Is this book illustrated and in color?

A. Yes! More than 100 full-color original illustrations throughout the book! All of this is original artwork by my beautiful and enormously talented wife Christine!

Q. What if kids have trouble retaining what they learned?

A. Every chapter concludes with so many review drills that kids shouldn’t feel left behind.  There are more drills than many teens will need, but for those who require those extra reminders, it’s there again and again.

Q. What about teens who need continual stimulation to stay focused?

A. This is probably the most humor-infused textbook your child or teen will ever read in school. I love to make people laugh, and the book is full of humor to help keep any kid engaged. Just read through the provided Introduction (; you’ll see what I mean!

Q. Is this a faith-based book?

A. While this is not, strictly speaking, a faith-based book, there is no crude language, and it basically reflects traditional family values.  In other words, while there are no specific messages about religion, politics, etc., I guarantee you will find nothing objectionable or controversial in the content of this book.

Q. What about kids who space off as they read?

A. One of my own kids fits this description, and I continually kept this on the forefront of my mind as I wrote the book (which, I might add, was effective in teaching him these concepts!). I include hands-on work to do on almost every page in order to keep the attention of any child or teen.

Q. How much does it cost?

A. Only $25 from any source (ordered online or purchased at a retailer).

Q. Can I get help if I need it?

A. You bet!  Ask a question on our the Code for Teens Forum, and you’ll receive an answer from the author or another member of the Code for Teens community!

Q. Where can I get a copy?

A. The book is in-stock and available to order here on our website right now!  You even get free shipping!  In addition to our website, it will also be available to order online (,,, and more) and purchase at many national retail stores beginning July 3rd, 2018!

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